Blue into Black

Wheelchair Highwaymen




Digital Image


Members of the Wheelchair Highwaymen artist collective use drones to explore Florida’s natural environment from vantage points that would be impossible to obtain without technology. In Blue Into Black, we soar above a blue stream cutting through the north Florida landscape. Winter is ending, and spare shoots of bright green foliage are beginning to fill out the trees. We recognize the signs of spring’s arrival, but what is this other force encroaching on the scene? A mass of black and brown hovers in the corner with its tendrils extending into the crystal water. Fear not the creeping darkness. This is the thermocline – the boundary between the naturally tannic, warm brown water of the Santa Fe river (tinted by vegetation like a cup of tea), and the cold clear water of the spring. These natural junctures remind us that ecological health – both in nature and in human societies – depends upon intersecting forces that may look different, but which combine to strengthen the system.