Mark Klett, New Trees Planted by an Open Field - Full Image

New Trees Planted by an Open Field

Mark Klett


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13¾ x 17”


Chromogenic Print


Before turning full time to photography, Mark Klett was a geologist. His projects often explore the interrelationships between time, change and perception, and the ways that technology enables humankind to transform the landscape and alters the language he uses to record it. In New Trees Planted by an Open Field, Klett invites the viewer to peer down upon rows of slash pine – a monoculture “forest” in the making, engineered for quick growth and efficient harvest for processing into pulpwood products like pressboard and paper towels. Throughout north Florida, vast acreages of “new trees” like these are razed to make room for even newer landscapes of housing developments. The cloud-strewn skies remain the same.